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Log Your Eats!

29th May, 2008. 10:26 pm. DAILY GOALS(stardustxsiren)

Today's actual: 1148

Today's actual: 98

Today's actual: 41

Today's actual: 115



Calories: 540
Carbs: 18
Fat: 22
Protein: 67

1 pork chop leftover from last night (for the protein purposes)
1 medium size yellow squash, cut and steamed with spray butter and Adobo LIGHT (yep, 50% less sodium)
1 cup diced watermelon

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28th May, 2008. 11:33 pm.(stardustxsiren)

Today's MenuCollapse )

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13th March, 2008. 12:40 am. Today's calorie intake/expenditure - Entry 1(fatgirl2slim)

 Hi all, newbie here~ I'm 24, looking to lose about 30 lbs. in the longhaul. Currently b/w 140-150  lbs. So here's today's tally: 

1/2 bag of almonds: 120
Salmon sashimi:  300? ate a lot..
Chicken: 90
boca burger: 80
Pineapple: 15
Grapefruit: 110
Orange: 100
fruit snack: 40
Sweet potato: 50
Cheese: 70
Total:  975 

Exercise:  1x

Current mood: blank.

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25th March, 2006. 2:09 pm. New Person(losethebutt)


Just trying to lose 20 lbs of tummy and butt to look ok in my Costume!

Anyone here using DDR as a means (not only means) of exercise?

Current mood: chipper.

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10th December, 2003. 9:15 pm. Back in the saddle(sckaye)

ok, I've been a big junk o holic lately, so let's try this again.

B- scrambled eggs with ham
L- small ham/salami/cheese sandwich on sour dough
D- 1/2 a small pizza with onions and mushrooms
Snacks: hmmm...a bottle of soda, a bueno bar (the last one, le sigh), 1/2 a piece of fairy food, a harvest bar. Also a small glass of water. Really need to get back on the water bandwagon. I'm still being pretty good about the soda thing, but my water intake is way down.

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10th December, 2003. 5:56 pm. hello!(nellevision)

I'm new here, and really like this idea. Here we go!

B: yogurt, honey, fresh pineapple, and nuts
L: veggie pocket, satsuma, Horizons chocolate milk
S: Granny Smith, baby!
D: 2 risotto cakes, baby carrots with honey glaze

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26th October, 2003. 10:56 am. blechk(elegant_emily)

In high school, I had a friend who swore by Carnation Instant Breakfast. "It's just so good!"

So ... i saw it in the store, and i'm a big fan of quick, portable breakfasts, as I usually grab something as I run out the door on my way to class...and eat it in class. heh.
And I bought some. The canned kind (not the packets), in Chocolate.

Don't buy it. It's like ... well, you know how slimfast has that metallic-chalky taste and texture? It's like that.

I am going to finish off this box (6 cans) and not buy it again. Ughhh.

Two more weeks till they're gone! (I also bought some yummy oatmeal squares, so i'll alternate)

This community has gotten awfully quiet.

Current mood: yuck. blah..

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24th October, 2003. 5:05 pm. cookbook/recipe exchange(sismith42)

hello :-) Some of my friends from home & I just started a cookbook-thing here called slackerscancook to gather all the easy recipes that are really good, but not terribly difficult or expensive to make... feel free to check it out/join :)

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11th September, 2003. 10:34 am. Sandy(sckaye)


I've gotten really bad about posting my eats, so I think I'm gonna take a little break from it. I'm still trying to quit soda, so I'll post about that, but until I feel I've really accomplished that, I'm not going to be taking any new steps towards altering my diet. Having said that...

I've gone three weeks without soda! I'm drinking a lot more water. Go me.

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5th September, 2003. 12:58 pm. Sarra!(loreleisedai)


miso soup stuff
too many mochi
left over vegan lasagna stuff
gummi worms

lots of caffiene, woo!

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